Move It!


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Move It!

You didn’t ask for a body, but you’ve got one, and the day it stops moving is the day you cease to be. So move it!

This is game about bodies moving. Bodies dancing, working out or making out. Bodies playing sports of all kinds. Bodies that don’t move well at all but that can’t, won’t and don’t stop trying. Bodies running – from stray dogs, thugs, the authorities or just for the pleasure of being alive. Every day that body of yours has just got to move!

Game 1 asks: what does it feel like – look like, sound like or taste like – to be a body in motion?

Game Resources

You’ve got Bust a Move, Moves like Jagger and a whole lot of other insane dance moves. And then there are amazing moments like this

There’s sports moves that delight and others that infuriate. And others that are just plain weird.

Some moves you just want to keep doing, and doing, some you don’t, and other times not moving is a statement in and of itself.

And other kinds of human movement can have very surprising effects indeed…so, how do you move?

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