Money Talks

Money Talks


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Money Makes The World Go Round...

Saying something with a fist full of cash just isn’t the same as saying it with a fist full of skin. Money talks.

But what does it say? And should we be listening?

The bible says the love of money is the root of all evil. Is money itself the problem or just our obsession with it?

So many things in our world are decided by money. How did we even get here? How can we justify someone being born rich and another person being born poor? How much is a billion dollars? How much is 20 bucks to someone who hasn’t eaten in a week?

There are two sides to every coin: the haves and the have nots. But coins exist in alternate dimensions too, as global capital, as speculative investment, as personal and national debt. How much do you owe anyway?

What would you do for money? What should you do for money? What does money do for you? What does it do to you?

Game Resources

A lot of visual artists critique money, even though some paintings sell for as much as 250 million dollars! But here’s a bank of imaginary art money that asks “what if love was the root of all money?”

Pop music seems to be obsessed with money these days. It used to be some singers sang about being millionaires as a joke. Now they sing about being billionaires and mean it, while some kings of bling actually are. Though other rappers reject hip hop’s fixation with getting rich or die trying.

Some people are trying to replace money with barter economies and some strange gift economies are thriving. has built a global microfinance system to help people who have money in rich countries to help people in poor countries start businesses. Meanwhile Kickstarter, Indiegogo and other crowdsourcing platforms are enabling fans to finance their favorite artists lives and projects directly. Is the internet changing money forever?

Meanwhile, does it “really pay to be a kid” for you? Or are you one of the 45%?

Team rankings for this game
Rank Team Entry 1 Entry 2 Entry 3 Media Views Social Rank Game
1 Saint Strivers Energy II 2.83 2.73 2.94 468 1 56652 9
2 Traverse City Titans Energy II 2.95 2.71 2.60 677 2 54489 8
3 John P. Stevens Media Team Energy I 2.80 2.59 2.88 1089 3 54004 7
4 École secondaire publique De La Salle Media Team Energy I 2.92 1.79 0.00 359 4 30431 6
5 Harry S Truman Senior High School Media Team Energy II 2.35 2.41 0.00 155 6 30027 5
6 North Point High School Media Team Energy I 1.33 1.53 0.00 94 8 17712 4
7 Westside Secondary School Media Team Energy II 2.72 0.00 0.00 249 5 17384 3
8 Lakeside Creators Energy I 2.73 0.00 0.00 154 7 17065 2
9 Inderkum High Media Team Energy II 1.81 0.00 0.00 53 9 11023 1
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  • can someone tell me where I can find the sandbox, so I can upload something

    Derek L 10 months ago
  • We loved this theme! Nearly finished with our pieces. We are first time players so we are still learning the ropes.

    Molly R 10 months ago
    • Same here! Our school in new to this as well, and we love it!

      Mackenzie P 10 months ago
    • Also us!! And our team is very young compared to some of the others. It makes the kids really proud to see that their work can compare to that of older kids!! Love this League.

      Audrey B 10 months ago
  • Art as Money looks like a very intriguing concept!

    Anne C 11 months ago