Border Crossings


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Border Crossings

You stare at the line that keeps you out. The same one that keeps them in, whoever they are. What’s on the other side? Is the grass really greener? The school better? The neighbourhood safer? The country richer? The family kinder? The people more honest?

Maybe sometimes you cross those lines, those borders. Maybe your parents or grandparents crossed them, when they came to this country. Maybe you cross borders every day on your way to school. Maybe you want to but can’t. Maybe some walls are just too big.

Maybe sometimes the borders themselves are blurred. Sometimes you can’t tell which way is up. Still, sometimes you can. Sometimes borders are real, and scary. Yet at other times crossing a border can mean liberation. When should you cross a border? And what happens when you do? And what happens when you don’t?

Do we even need borders at all?

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A border can take many forms. It can be a line on a map that can be erased with the stoke of a pen. It can also be a stone wall 5 metres high and 21,000 kilometres (16 feet high and 13,000 miles) long! Some people advocate opening the world’s borders. For many people, crossing a border is extremely risky , even a matter of life or death.

Personal borders are a lot harder to define. And sometimes personal borders get challenged by cultural or political borders, like when you can’t express certain feelings at school.

But borders can be crossed. And they can crumble too. Many artists working in different disciplines have devoted themselves to exploring and crossing borders, as have many activists. Because borders are where the points of tension between people values and communities come into focus.

Where do you draw the line? And where do you cross it?

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1 Saint Strivers Energy II 2.67 2.74 2.58 388 1 53232 5
2 John P. Stevens Media Team Energy I 2.39 2.56 2.38 389 2 47767 4
3 Patchogue-Medford High School Media Team Energy I 2.69 2.00 2.79 234 3 47638 3
4 École secondaire publique De La Salle Media Team Energy I 2.08 2.54 2.16 244 4 42130 2
5 Collinsville High School Media Team Energy II 2.69 0.00 0.00 49 5 16353 1
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