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The Blues


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The Blues

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You are a fan of the blues. Even if you don't know it yet. Deep down you are a fan of the blues through and through.

Because most of the music you love is infused with the blues. Most of the beats you bounce to have deep roots in the blues. Hiphop, Rock and Roll, Reggae, R’n’B, Funk, Soul, Jazz and even a lot of EDM all have their roots in the blues.

The blues was born from the collision of Africa and America. It is African-American music. But it is also, now, the world's music.

Love your music? Know your history. Get deep into the blues. Go home.

POINTS: To be eligible to score in this game your team MUST contribute at least one blues-related musical piece to it. It could be an audio track or a video of a musical performance. It could be an original song or a kickass bluesy cover or a wild mashup. But we NEED to hear what the blues sounds like to you! So if your team doesn't have your school's coolest musicians on it yet, find them and add them to your team.

GRAND PRIZE: The Media League and Sojourn Records are offering an extraordinary Grand Prize for this game. Sojourn recording artist Blessing Offor will select one musical Game Media entry as the Game 4 Grand Prize winner, and Sojourn Records will produce and release a digital single featuring the musicians who made it! Plus, if you want, Blessing will sing and/or play on it. So if you want a record deal, if you need a record deal, then get busy! Game 4 starts on February 1st.

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You’ve got the new blues by the likes of the Black Keys and the old blues by the likes of Howlin Wolf, and even older blues by the great Bessie Smith. And there’s a reason they call it Rhythm’n’Blues – because it’s just the old blues with more rhythm.

The blues was always for storytelling, for travelling on, for gaining some respect, and for making some kind of peace in a hard, hard world, even if it meant selling your soul to the devil.

But the blues also turns pain into joy. Need to get your party on? Ask James Brown. Ask The Rolling Stones. Ask P-funk. Ask Jay-Z. The blues is where the party at. Forget your pain and get it on.

African-Americans gave the world the blues. But we all live it. Every day, every day we get the blues.

Team rankings for this game
Rank Team Entry 1 Entry 2 Entry 3 Media Views Social Rank Game
1 Saint Strivers Energy II 3.71 3.59 4.18 338 1 76540 3
2 John P. Stevens Media Team Energy I 3.27 2.63 3.44 547 2 60462 2
3 Inderkum High Media Team Energy II 0.00 0.00 3.09 221 3 19442 1
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