Inner Visions

Inner Visions

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Inner Visions

Every morning when we wake, we open our eyes. The light breaks against our pupils, our brains snap to attention, and up we get, often without a thought for the world we are leaving behind. The world of sleep, of dreams, of the unconscious mind.

Since the dawn of human history artists and shamans and seekers of deep knowledge have devised ways to re-enter that unseen world, through meditation, through lucid dreaming, through ecstatic dancing, through sacred geometries, and via many other portals to inner worlds, to inner visions.

Scientists look to neurochemical or psychological explanations for our inner visions, religious devotees turn to the divine for understanding, while still others see our inner visions as reflecting the cosmic harmony of all things.

What do you see in your mind’s eye?

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The external world is exciting, disturbing, inspiring and demanding. In fact it demands so much attention – with its countless messages and meanings and events and expectations – that it can sometimes be very difficult to take time to look inside. Some of us hardly ever do it at all.

But if you were to look inside, if you closed your eyes and explored with your internal eyes, listened with your ears turned inwards, you might find things can get pretty interesting as well.

Art is a great way to connect the external and internal worlds, to make meaning out there from what's going on in here. In fact, on some level, art may be nothing but that.

So dig in, get down, and feel around. We all have deep dreams and visions, even when we don't notice them. Notice them. And share them. It doesn't require a vision quest, though maybe we could each use one. It starts with a willingness to explore and to see.

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1 Saint Strivers Energy II 3.00 2.50 3.67 277 1 61111 2
2 École secondaire publique De La Salle Media Team Energy I 2.50 2.00 0.00 39 2 28800 1
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