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League Executives

John Sobol – League Commissioner

John is an artist, entrepreneur and family man. He played sax in his high school band and went on to do over 1,000 gigs as a musician and performance poet in 11 countries. He played on a dozen LPs and CDs and also ran his own record label. He has also had 5 books published and has written TV shows that have aired on Bravo, History, Nickelodeon, CBC and PBS.

He co-founded Globalhood, a digital playground for at-risk youth, where he created the first Media League in 2002. He also co-created the Planet Struck street culture festival and has given many workshops in youth shelters and schools. He was the Co-Director of digifest (Canada's leading festival of digital design and culture from 2003-2005) and produced Canada Goes Wild!, a trade mission that brought 13 Canadian designers to the world's fair in Aichi Japan in 2005.

John has also worked extensively as a media strategist and creative consultant for interactive agencies, designing and producing media for national brands and a wide range of institutional clients such as museums, industry associations, cities and government agencies.

John's latest book is called You Are Your Media (Making Sense of the 21st Century) He's also in a band called Rakestar that plays the music of Sun Ra. But his real passion is working to make The Media League an awesome platform for creative young people who want to connect, to get inspired, and to be recognized for their creative talents and efforts.

Jeremy Chan – League Producer

Jeremy is a software veteran, business professional, and family man. He loves music, food, friends, sunshine, and anything to do with the beach.

With over 17 years of experience in object-oriented software engineering and software consulting, he is an expert in distributed systems with a variety of languages, technologies and a wide range of modern software engineering tools and environments, including modern web standards.

As The Media League's Producer, Jeremy is charged with both platform definition and overall management of the development team, as well as ensuring the successful operation of this new business from staffing, financial, and strategy perspectives.

Jeremy is co-founder and Principal at Jonah Group, a boutique consultancy of over 60 professionals offering custom software development, interactive, and business intelligence services. He contributes to all aspects of business management and operations, and is the senior partner in charge of Marketing, Standards, and Software Methodology portfolios at Jonah.

During his career Jeremy has forged and maintained partnerships with many clients and partner technology companies.

League Personnel

David Veldhuizen – Lead Developer

David has been developing software professionally since 1993, and among many other projects, has made over a hundred web games. Before joining The Jonah Group to help build The Media League, he was at EA working on the pogo.com game site. He has also been a professional musician since 1989, and currently plays piano and organ in a Tom Petty tribute band (Full Moon Fever).

When he's not working, David enjoys defusing battles between his teen daughter and tween son, renovating his house, tackling woodworking and welding projects, and brewing beer. His most popular YouTube video has over 45 000 views and many semiliterate comments about his stupidity.

Steve Palmer - Art Director

Steve is a designer with a passion for technology, specifically on the web, and an uncanny ability to combine pure aesthetics and functionality to create great, usable interfaces. A unique understanding of web design and development has given him the opportunity to put his skills to work for such clients as Nike, Molson, AMD, and Motorola. He creates in Photoshop, Flash and After Effects, and builds with many technologies: HTML5, CSS3, PHP, Javascript, Actionscript, AJAX and XML, to name a few. Oh, and he codes by hand. Steve also plays electric guitar and sings in rock-n-punk bands including, for many years, The Setbacks.

Steve is a designer at Relish Interactive, a small interactive shop that focuses on delivering high impact web interactive and that is The Media League's design partner. (www.relishinteractive.com)

Jeff Okawa - Developer

Jeff is a software developer from Toronto. After graduating from The University of Toronto he worked at The Jonah Group for 5 years before joining The Media League Team. Jeff's primary work interest is in web development and enjoys working with new and interesting technologies.

In his spare time, he practices Kendo (Japanese fencing), which is a great sport for stress release. His other hobbies include photography and eating good food.

Kirstyn Lehmkuhl - Social Media and Outreach

Kirstyn is The Media League’s newest Home Team member. She is an all-around family girl, travel junkie, equestrian, foodie, and nature lover!

She first joined Jonah Group in 2012, after graduating from York University with a Specialized Degree in Health Science and Kinesiology. An odd transition, she will admit, but she is a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, and she took on this position viewing the entire prospect that it had to offer. Shortly after, she packed up and moved to the UK with her husband due to an opportunity that they could not turn down.

After having been back for a few months, she was contacted about The Media League and the rest is history. Excited to be working with the team, she now focuses on all aspects of social media and outreach, and is continuing to develop her skills at night school in a Social Media Marketing course. She is happy to be part of The Media League and is looking forward to seeing the impact it has on youth creativity programs on a global scale.

The Home Team

To meet more of our creative and technical team check out The Home Team page.