What is The Media League?

The Media League is a free varsity creativity league — an organized, web-based competition between high school Media Teams.

Is The Media League only for High School students?


What is a Media Team?

Think of it this way: the best athletes are on your school’s sports teams, right? Well, a Media Team is for the most creative kids in school. For the most artistic and digitally savvy to make their mark.

Who can play?

Beatmakers, musicians, singers, rappers, DJs, video-makers, actors, writers, poets, visual artists, digital artists, comedians, dancers and more...

How do you play?

Each game has a theme, like Digitopia or Living Fashion. Each Media Team creates and uploads 3 pieces of media inspired by that theme to The Media League’s highly social website. Fans watch, and rate and share that media, and a score is produced. From that score come standings, and from those standings playoffs, and from those playoffs – champions. Check out the Dashboard or a Game page to see the league in action.

Why should I be a Player?

Are you super-creative? Do you aspire to be a professional artist or designer or musician or journalist or filmmaker or comedian or rapper or some other kind of creative professional? Or maybe you already are? Do you want to represent your school as one of its most talented creative students? Do you want your creative work to be seen, heard and recognized? When it comes to creativity, have you got game? If you answered YES to any of those questions then The Media League is the place for you.

How many players on a team?

Typically, 5 to 15. More or fewer is OK too though.

Who wins?

The team that gets the highest score wins each game. The teams with the highest scores over the course of the season get into the playoffs. The winner of the playoffs is the champion.

How do you score points?

Game scores are based on 2 factors: Peer Ratings and a Social Scoring Bonus.

How do Peer Ratings work?

  • Each piece of Game Media has a rating of between 1 and 5 (e.g. 2.84) based on ratings of that piece made by players, fans and coaches of teams in other divisions.
  • In order to eliminate biased ratings, Players and Fans cannot rate game media uploaded by teams in their own division, against whom they compete directly.
  • The ratings for each team’s pieces of Game Media are added together and this sum is multiplied by that team’s Social Scoring Bonus for that game.

How does Social Scoring work?

The Social Scoring Bonus reflect the degree of virality a team’s Game Media achieves as well as the degree of participation in the Media League by its registered fans and players in a given game.

Specifically, Social Scoring Bonuses are based on the following elements for a given team in a given game:
  • Total views of that team’s game media (3 pieces max)
  • Total shares of that team’s game media by fans, players and coaches from other divisions
  • Total number of ratings of extra-divisional game media by that teams fans and players
  • Total number of shares of extra-divisional game media by that teams fans and players

How long does a game last?

Each game begins at midnight on the first day of the month and ends at 11:59:59 of the last day of that month. In other words, games last a month.

How many games are in the Media League season?

There will be 5 regular season games. Then the top teams (Division winners and wild cards) will go into the playoffs. There will be a semi-final and a championship game.

When do the playoffs start?


We missed the first regular season games. Can we still start a team and participate in the league?

Absolutely. Playing Media League games is mostly about the fun of creating the best creative work you can, so we welcome everyone. And even if you join late, if your team rocks you and you get a lot of support from your school you might even generate enough points to sneak into the playoffs.

How do I start a Media Team at my school?

You need a Coach. This means asking a cool creative teacher at your school to sign up on this website as a Coach. That’s it. Once you have a coach you sign up as a player, get your most talented friends to sign up as players, deck out your team page and jump into the action. It’s that simple.

And you say it’s free?

Yes it is free to all participants. No cost to school or student. Each team will have a sponsor, however. Teams can find their own sponsors or request that The Media League provide one, which we will do.

How do I sign up?

Just click on the yellow Join Now button at the top of this page.

What is a Fan?

Fans are students of a school with a Media Team. Fans have a huge role in the success of their school’s Media Team. The more that fans watch and share the videos, songs, paintings and other artworks produced by Media League teams – on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and elsewhere – the higher your team will score! Fans can rate, view and share media produced by any Media Team in the entire league.

How do I get to be a Fan?

Just click Join Now and register. It only takes a moment. Then start supporting your team!

What’s with making creativity competitive? That seems dumb.

We like it actually. Lots of people do. Not all the time, of course. But sometimes. We think it brings out the best in people, and as long as it’s healthy, respectful and rewarding, we’re all for it!

Can I be a fan and not a player?

Definitely. Fans are what the league is all about. You can support your school, your friends, and your Media Team by sharing its media. You can also view and rate any media from any team. And comment and chat…you know the drill. All the good stuff. Just register as a Fan and select your school to start supporting your team.

Who owns the media that the players create?

They do. As part of the terms of participation, however, their work is licensed to The Media League on a non-exclusive basis. In other words, it will always live here, but you can take it away and it’s yours.

Do we need to have a Media Lab at our school to be eligible?

Not at all. Team Players can use their own gear: smart phone, laptop, camera, brain, etc. Most people are already minor media-making masters these days anyway.

How much effort is required?

Players can put in as much time with their teams and creations as they like. Coaches put in about an hour or a week during games.

What are the responsibilities of a Media Team Coach?

Each Media Team Coach has 4 primary responsibilities:

  1. Choose the members of the Media Team (Tryouts)
  2. Choose an Assistant Coach
  3. Promote successful Media Team collaborations
  4. Publish Media Team content to the Media League website

Who gets to be a Coach?

Teachers do.

Is coaching a Media Team like coaching an athletic team?

No. Unlike the Coach of a sports team, who is typically involved with every aspect of his or her team’s play, a Media League Coach is far more hands-off. Students will create their work in their own way, and although they will likely ask their Coach for creative advice at times, it is not the Coach’s responsibility to actively direct or manage the team’s creative efforts, but instead to ensure that students are committed to excellence and that they support each other.

What is an Assistant Coach?

The Assistant Coach is a dedicated promoter of the Media Team within the school and the wider school community. This role is ideal for a student who aspires to work professionally in the media or creative industries. It should be someone who is by nature a ‘go-getter’. The Assistant Coach will get the word out when it comes to attracting potential players for a team as well as promoting the team’s media through student networks. He/she will be key to driving viewership and generating fans to support his/her Media Team and generate high scores. A large school could even have more than one Assistant Coach.

What is a Booster?

A Booster is a supporter of a media team who is not a student. It could be alumni, a teacher at the school, a parent, sibling, friend or even cousin of a Player or of a Fan.

Are there official rules for The Media League?

There certainly are. Just click Rulebook on the footer below.

Who Invented The Media League?

We did.

Is this the only Media League in the world?

It sure is.

What if we have more questions?

We welcome your questions and we will respond.
You can reach The Media League at info@themedialeague.com